Monday 13 August 2012

why I have been quiet lately

I haven't posted much recently and I've been a bit quiet, not tweeting or commenting as much on blogs etc I have had a bad few months. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in April, I hinted at it a few months ago when I made a card for my dad. He had treatment and became a bit weaker and I worried like hell about him, but he seemed his normal wisecracking self. I couldn't see him as often as I liked as I'm in Sheffield, him in Whitby and I was really looking forward to school holidays where I could come through and stay for a long week to look after him and help my step mum with my 10yo and 8yo brother and sister. Sadly on 2nd Aug, just a few days after I visited him and thought he was looking a lot better, he collapsed at home after picking up a chest infection. A few days later I lost my dad.
I just wanted to share with everyone why I've been a bit quiet, it has been a huge shock and far too quick to comprehend. I'm sure I'll still be quiet, just posting on my DT blogs and commenting as much as I can, but I'm still crafting and I'll be about.

Thank you all for reading, don't worry about me, I am ok I have a fantastic support group of family and friends and my gorgeous son to keep me smiling.
Jo xxx

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