Thursday 26 February 2009

FF challenge

So I didn't get round to making anything last night but I have been a busy bee this morning while Jim is at nursery and I have made a black and white themed forever friends card for the challenge. It isn't the best card ever but hopefully it is the start of my creative block drifting away *hopefully*
The challenge is here

Wednesday 25 February 2009

Craft drought

I haven't logged on for ages and felt my blog was a bit bare. I haven't made any cards either so I am determined to get my backside in gear and make something tonight. I have a long old list of birthdays coming up too and haven't got any ideas where to start. Eek creative block I need to break out some magazines and get some inspiration I think... I'll have a cup of tea first though lol. I will definitely have a finished something or other by tonight *crosses fingers*

Wednesday 18 February 2009

A few more cards for the nursery

I have made them all quite similar in this batch and will give them a few of my other cards to make up the numbers but I am not sure if they will sell many. I think I will have to have a rest on the cards for a day or two my house needs a tidy up lol

Sunday 15 February 2009

Crafts 4 Eternity challenge

I have been inspired and encouraged by Pinky to do a challenge and I love the cards on Crafts 4 Eternity so I have decided to take the plunge. This card was absolutley nothing like I set out to make but I am pleased with the results.

another little card I made last night

It's plain and simple but I like it. Pink and black is my favourite combination, C'est tres chic!!

CM&P freebies

I have used the free Mothers day gift from cardmaking and papercraft for this card and I will be making a few more like this as the papers and rub ons are very pretty. I am on a mission to make loads of cards this week for my son's nursery to sell for fundraising and I think a few more like these will go down well with mothers day coming up I hope. They are raising money for a bouncy castle of all things, I hope they let me have a go if I raise enough cash :)

Saturday 14 February 2009

40th birthday too

This card was made for my uncle who is 40 next week, I've tried to keep it manly but I love pink too much, I don't think he will mind though it isn't too girly :)

Jim's 2nd birthday

I have made this card for my little terror who is 2 soon and is mad on Peppa Pig. It is looking tatty already as he has had his hands on it trying to pull the cake off, he is crackers. The number 2 square can peel off to stick on him on the big day, it's a bit safer than a badge. I must admit George pig is my favourite cartoon character at the moment too, after all it is all I get to watch these days.

Sunday 8 February 2009

wedding invites

My step sister is getting married in September and I have been asked to do the invites :) about 150 of them *gulp*
So this is my first sample for her hopefully she will like it, it is fairly simple only a bit of embossing on the card and the image but it is very classic I hope. The stamped image is one from the cardmaking and papercraft freebies again, they are coming in very handy.

my birthday pressie

My friend sent me a birthday present in the post and it finally came yesterday after the snow had melted. I wanted to share it because it is so unique and completely one of a kind. My friend Sarah is an artist and the ultimate crafter, she sews, makes cards, paints and designs and her work is very contemporary but traditional at the same time. She is currently working on wax art as seen here. She pours layers of wax on to wood and adds colour and detail to different layers, very clever :)
her website is and has some of her prints on display.

Wednesday 4 February 2009

I haven't made many cards recently I have been swamped, but I had 5 minutes the other night so I thought I would try a gatefold card that I had been designing in my head for days. My 5 minutes turned to about two hours of me staring at it, stamping "x" amount of images, cutting out bits and pieces to stick on it and finally tipping up a shoe box full of sequins, buttons and ribbons all over the floor. I'm still picking sequins off my socks as I walk through the dining room, why do they resist the hoover?
Anyhoo this was the finished card, it wasn't what I envisioned but it is a good start. The stamped image was made using free stamps from cardmaking and papercraft magazine and I am very impressed. The paisley paper is a free download from shabby princess.