Monday 27 July 2009

I won!!!

My pocket card for my mum's 50th was chosen as a favourite by Joanne over at the Forever Friends challenge blog. I am so excited I haven't won a challenge before. This has officially made my day. Yay!!

Friday 24 July 2009

I am stuck using my scanner for a bit as I still can't find my cable. It's a pain seeing as my husband works in a professional camera shop and we have a house full of big expensive camera equipment and I can't use my little camera :(
anyhoo these are cards for my mum and my father in law. In a few weeks I won't have any more birthdays to worry about until December and I can start xmas cards *gulp*

Thursday 23 July 2009

scanner to the rescue

Well I still can't find my cable :( I only have a little house as wel I can't think where I've put it. So anyway I scanned the card and it isn't too bad I hope you get the gist of what I have done. The card has two big pockets I have made a little tag to fit in one pocket and will put something nice in the big pocket on my mum's birthday like a big bar of galaxy I am sure that will go down a treat. This was taken from a project in a magazine using a double sided 12x12 sheet of paper and it was really easy to make and looks quite cool :)
Now back to my search

Update!! I have entered this card into the forever friends challenge here as the theme is anniversaries. Thanks Emma for letting me know about the challenge it fits in so well with the card lol. Still no cable yet either *boo*

Monday 20 July 2009

checking in

I am having a stress, I have made a few cards and want to get them put up here but I can't find the usb cable for my camera and as it is a sony one it needs a specific cable. The annoying thing is I put it somewhere that James wouldn't be able to reach it and now I can't find it anywhere grrr. I have made some pocket cards using some double sided 12x12 papers and they look really cool hopefully the cable will turn up and I can put them up.
Well rant over, I thought I had best vent and update my blog with something even if it isn't a sparkly creation

Monday 6 July 2009

Branching out

This card isn't anything special to look at but I drew the image on it. I am so envious of all the gorgeous cards I see with stamped images on and I am so skint I can't afford to invest in all the stamps I want so I tried my hand at drawing my own. I have quite a few drawn now ready to get scanned on my PC. This one is ready to go so I printed and coloured it and made up a super quick card to show it off a bit. I would love to launch the next superstar range of digi stamps who knows maybe if I do I could afford some new stamps of my own lol!!!