Thursday 15 March 2012

grr wonky photos

I've been trying to post this for a few days but the photos have been on a wonk so not bothered, but it looks like I've been neglecting my blog so posted it anyway. Made this card for my mum in law for Sunday, it's a bit blue and green instead of traditional pinks and fluffiness so looks a bit masculine but it's glittery at least. hopefully post a few more cards this week, I have a card to make for my hubby's grandad's 80th so that's a big project, and I've been making some novelty gifts too that I want to share.

Also if you have Pinterest I've started a card board (that sound daft) but I've been adding pretty cards I've found on the blogosphere. it's perfect for inspiration so like and follow if you like it and want to follow it :)

Jo xxx

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