Thursday 22 March 2012

easter card

This image was a freebie from a magazine and ideal for Easter. I'm making a few Easter cards to sell (or at least attempt to sell) on Folksy. We'll see, I'm tempted to move to Etsy it seems like there are more buyers, a bigger community and they have a bit more respect for papercrafts. I feel like Folksy look down on card making despite the work that goes into handmade cards, for example how often do you see the same sorts of prints and sewn items repeated on the front page of Folksy? And how often do you see a handmade card that isn't just a print on the front featured page? Never.
Ooh I've got a bit political... anyway I think Folksy is great that it's local (in Sheffield where I live) and they encourage completely handmade items but it's a bit snobby lol


  1. You were very diplomatic, Jo! I think I registered with Etsy ages ago and did not do anything much with it. Your card is gorgeous it is a great image but your layout and colours are beatiful. Good luck with Folksy /Etsy. Vee xx

    1. thanks Vee :) still haven't opened up on Etsy but might give it a try :)