Monday 20 July 2009

checking in

I am having a stress, I have made a few cards and want to get them put up here but I can't find the usb cable for my camera and as it is a sony one it needs a specific cable. The annoying thing is I put it somewhere that James wouldn't be able to reach it and now I can't find it anywhere grrr. I have made some pocket cards using some double sided 12x12 papers and they look really cool hopefully the cable will turn up and I can put them up.
Well rant over, I thought I had best vent and update my blog with something even if it isn't a sparkly creation


  1. Doesn't it drive you nuts!!! Hope you find it soon, dying to see your makes.

  2. You can always be sure that when you put something somewhere safe....even you can't find it!!!!

  3. oh how many times Ive done that myself hope you find it soon so that we can see what you have made
    Anne-marie x