Monday 6 July 2009

Branching out

This card isn't anything special to look at but I drew the image on it. I am so envious of all the gorgeous cards I see with stamped images on and I am so skint I can't afford to invest in all the stamps I want so I tried my hand at drawing my own. I have quite a few drawn now ready to get scanned on my PC. This one is ready to go so I printed and coloured it and made up a super quick card to show it off a bit. I would love to launch the next superstar range of digi stamps who knows maybe if I do I could afford some new stamps of my own lol!!!


  1. Don't know what you're waiting on Jo your sketch is gorgeous!!! Just start up your own little shop and make lots of cards.

  2. Wow...this is great...I'm always very envious when crafters can draw their own'll be able to start your own digi downloads shop soon!!

  3. wow this is great