Thursday 25 June 2009

Marble Magnets

I've made a few to take with me to my first sale tomorrow. They are really easy to make and do look good on a notice board or fridge, slighty different to normal fridge magnets. To make them you need some clear glass pebbles, I got mine from Ebay but you see them all over these days, some magnets also from Ebay, Silicon glue and a 3/4 inch circle punch. then punch holes from left over bits of paper or put the marble over images in magazines and see if they would make good designs then punch them out. I've used loads of free papers for most of these ones as I always save them but rarely see a use for them.
Eek one more day til the sale, I have had a few people tell me they are going to buy some cards tomorrow, hopefully I'll sell out :)

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