Monday 27 February 2012

hedgehogs and mice

I am not a huge fan of colouring animals, I never get fur right it's either too orange or yellow. I like cats because I can make them grey or orange without it looking mental, but I had a go with this hedgehog and mouse and I am slightly impressed with how they have turned out. The mouse has bled over the lines and I couldnt save it so it is a bit of a mess but otherwise it looks like proper fur. and I think my hedgehog looks cute :) all in all not a bad effort :)
Thanks for reading

quick update, my photos are pants because I used my husbands very posh camera and I couldn't work out what all the buttons did, I'll stick to my little camera in future and leave the good stuff to the professionals xxx


  1. Lovely card, Jo and your colouring is great they look lovely. Vee xx

  2. This is so pretty, I love the image and the colours and those papers are beautiful, really gorgeous
    Lindsay xx

    1. thanks the papers are Tea house from Trimcraft, I'm using them quite a lot at the moment :)xxx