Saturday 30 May 2009

1st shaker card attempt

It isn't fabulous but I have experimented with techniques on this card and I have found out that I suck at flocking (the blue band on the hat and dress) it just goes clumpy and looks pants close up, and also I am not cut out for shaker cards either. I will keep trying though I was given a load of snowflake confetti I was going to use for xmas shaker cards. I used an old polythene bag from some stickers or peeloffs instead of acetate and little flower sequins and glitter. the greeting was printed off the pc and the bag is stamped and dress and hat are some over the top holographic pink peeloffs I've come by somehow.


  1. I think you're very brave to have attempted this....quite difficult I would the way you've managed to use up so many bits and pieces...very useful recycling.
    I'm useless at flocking as well...and have given up trying!!

  2. Well done you. I tried to do a shaker card and it went horribly wrong! Looks beautiful!

    When you have a mo, pop over to my blog to pick up an award i've passed onto you.

    Lou x