Wednesday 4 February 2009

I haven't made many cards recently I have been swamped, but I had 5 minutes the other night so I thought I would try a gatefold card that I had been designing in my head for days. My 5 minutes turned to about two hours of me staring at it, stamping "x" amount of images, cutting out bits and pieces to stick on it and finally tipping up a shoe box full of sequins, buttons and ribbons all over the floor. I'm still picking sequins off my socks as I walk through the dining room, why do they resist the hoover?
Anyhoo this was the finished card, it wasn't what I envisioned but it is a good start. The stamped image was made using free stamps from cardmaking and papercraft magazine and I am very impressed. The paisley paper is a free download from shabby princess.


  1. tis a lovely card, love the colours you used. I have those stamps but haven't had time to play yet.

  2. I often use Shabby Princess...they have some great stuff.

  3. Well, your card turned out lovely in the end. Love the bit about the sequins on your socks, it made me LOL!