Saturday 3 March 2012

very quick post

Just a quick post today, it's Jim's birthday and I've been busy all day so just having 5 mins before I take him up to bed. Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Rachael who gave me the Liebster award on her blog, I'm so flattered and tomorrow when I have more time I will be passing on the award to 5 others who deserve it for their blogs :) I'll blog a bit better tomorrow :)
Also, I am having a bit of a twitter/pinterest flourish I posted a card on pinterest yesterday and it has been a big hit, repinned and retweeted a few times so I'm happy that it has been well recieved. I made it for a friend we are both big New Girl fans and massive geeks so knew she would love it. seems like others do too so might reprise it and offer it on Folksy :)

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