Sunday 26 February 2012

laptop disaster :(

grr the power supply for my laptop died just after xmas so I bought a fairly cheap replacement and it is the most irritating thing in the world, it decides to work when it wants, which at the moment is virtually never, so I'm working on about 10% battery power :(
I wanted to get an update on quickly before it dies on me for good so I thought I'd share a thank you card I made using some scraps I had left over from a card I made for a friend a few weeks ago. I also found these Scrabble tiles in my stash that I thought worked well with the retro feel (I was struggling with where to put the sentiment if it was stamped but this works great I think)
Fingers crossed I'll have more time on line tomorrow for another update.
I've used Portabello Road papers for this card, some of which I love some I'm not so keen on if I'm honest :p
Thanks for reading

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  1. I think this is great. Sorry about your laptop :( and thanks for adding your details to the hop