Monday 19 January 2009

Hand drawn swirly doodles, I'm so proud

I had some spare time while Jim was at nursery and I made this card using a small square of Anna Griffin paper and some pretty red handmade paper I saved from a wedding invite I got from my cousin last year. The red paper is decorated with gold flowers and swirly vines so I had to try and carry that on up the side of the card. I was quite impressed with myself at the end of it :) I used a quickie glue pen and gold embossing powder over the pencil drawing. I think I might have to try it again but be a bit more adventurous next time. It just needs a sentiment so it might go in the thank you card pile.


  1. beautiful- we all have an artiste in us somewhere !
    lisa x

  2. Great to see Craftbubble has inspired you to start a blog!!

  3. This is a lovely card and the start of a long blogging journey.

  4. Lovely card, your swirly doodles are fab. Enjoy the world of blogging - it's addictive!